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A free virtual business card you can share with others in seconds by simply using your smartphone. It's a perfect way to share your information, expand personal and professional connections, and promote your business online.

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There's no better way to make a good impression than with an online business card that's designed to highlight your business. You can show off your products' images on your business card.


You can list your services with a description and inquiry button. Convert visitors into business leads.

Spara vCard

Visitors to your vCard page can save your phone number and contact details by selecting the "Save Contact" button on card.

Created with businesses in mind

MyvCrd Digital Business cards will help you to transform your card visitors into customers.

Varför digitalt visitkort?

vCard -funktioner

WhatsApp aktiverat

You can enable and disable WhatsApp Chat on your digital business card.


You can upload product photos or any business-related photos to your gallery section.


You can list your all services with images and descriptions in this section.


You can list your accepted payments methods on your digital business card.


Du kan visa ditt företags öppettider. Din kund kan enkelt förstå när du är tillgänglig.

Google Business Integration

Du kan integrera din Google Business Link med ditt digitala visitkort.

Google Maps Integration

You can display your shop/business location on google maps. Visitors can easily find you.

Länkar till sociala medier

Add all your social media presence in one digital business card. Stay connected with your customers.

Modern Style

Our user interface is fully responsive.

Ren UI -design

Professionally created designs.

Fast Loading

Page load is important. Your digital vCard will load faster than normal web pages.

Unik länk

Your name or business, whatever it is. Get your business card link and share it with everyone.


Choose your plan

There's a plan for everyone, even a FREE plan; check it out.


Free /En gång i månaden

Our forever free plan

  • 2 vCards
  • 5 Tjänster/produkter
  • 5 Gallerier
  • 5 Kortfunktioner
  • 2 Betalningslista
  • Nej Personlig länk
  • Nej Dölj varumärke
  • Gratis installation Tillgängliga
  • Nej Gratis support
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$3 /En gång i månaden

Create more cards, hide our branding and personalize your link

  • 10 vCards
  • 30 Tjänster/produkter
  • 45 Gallerier
  • 15 Kortfunktioner
  • 5 Betalningslista
  • Personlig länk Tillgängliga
  • Dölj varumärke Tillgängliga
  • Gratis installation Tillgängliga
  • Gratis support Tillgängliga
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